The way Echovation(tm) lures work is their revolutionary design of incorporating inside cubic corners, like pyramid indentations, into the lure to maximize reflection of underwater pulses generated by the target fish.  Shown below is one of the 66 cubic corner indentations on our blue Echovation(tm) worm.

The Raynovation Echovation(TM) fishing lure is the ONLY lure to maximize the bass’s 6th sense of active sonar echolocation. Echolocation is the fish’s sixth way to sense the lure location (in addition to sight, sound, smell, taste and touch).  In many fishing situations echolocation is the difference between the fish not noticing the lure at all versus attracting the fish to a tantalizing, substantial meal.  The cubic corners reflect the fish’s own sonic waves right back to the fish’s lateral lines, attracting more and bigger fish to bite.


Our soft plastic worms come in packaging with 7 worms per pack.  Colors available:

  - Green Pumpkin with black glitter

  - Watermelon with red glitter

  - Blacker with blue glitter

  - Blue with silver glitter

  - Purple with green glitter

  - Red with black glitter

  - White with black glitter

  - Variety pack with one of each of the above colors

  - June Bug with green glitter


Echovation(TM) lures with their inside cubic corner reflectors will in the future be available in crankbaits, surface lures, jigs, spinnerbaits, spoons and swim baits to enhance attraction to the fish.


Our soft plastic worms are currently available on Amazon with the key word "echovation".


US Patent No. 10,925,268                                            Made in USA


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The above Echovation(TM) crankbaits are prototypes that are currently in the testing phase by selected anglers.  These are not available to the general public at this time.  Check back for information on being among the first to purchase these lures which use the new, different, and patented inside cubic corner reflectors to attract the fish using the fish's 6th sense of echolocation.  The fish have never been intrigued by a lure like this before and these just might be the lure to catch the older fish that have seen every other lure in the store that relies on the five human senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Our Echovation(TM) fishing worms each have 66 inside cubic corner reflectors to enhance detection by echolocation, no matter which direction the fish is from the lure. These worms are 5 1/4 inch long. These worms can be set up Texas style, Carolina rigged, wacky-rigged or used with a variety of setups such as jigs and under-spin lures.  Piscatorial echolocation at its finest for your best fishing experience!

Prototype Echovation(tm) lures with cubic corner reflectors, including an in-line spinnerbait, a copper topwater lure and a deep diving crankbait.  These prototypes are not available to the general public at this time.